Experienced ship owners and operators know in today's sensitive environment keeping a fleet shipshape takes more than just thorough planning. It is as important how ship maintenance is performed as when it is performed.  When ships begin to lose speed and fuel efficiency the loss of profits is never far behind. This is an obvious reason why scheduling your vessels for preventive maintenance makes good economic sense, jeopardizing a multi-million dollar investment by using an inexperienced diving crew for your underwater services does not.

There is no room for novices with your requirements for underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing or damage repairs.  With G&G Marine’s experience of over 40 years, we realize this importance and work with our clients extensively to achieve a timely solution.  Response time is critical in an emergency or when your schedule and reputation is on the line. G&G Marine understands that schedules change and makes every attempt to accommodate our customer’s needs through these changes. 

In the 1960's and early 1970's underwater hull cleaning was unheard of in the commercial shipping industry. When the need would arise to blank-off a sea valve the sea screen or overboard port would first require cleaning in order to obtain a water tight seal. Several of our clients expressed the desire to have their vessels cleaned in the water for obvious economic reasons.  G&G Marine went to work to design and fabricate a hull cleaning system that would serve the shipping industry with speed and quality. Our underwater equipment was designed by the company and field-proven through over four decades of service. Today our mini pamper system used in hull cleaning has been selected to get the job done efficiently, on time and without damage to the vessels surface. During the reactivation process of the Anti-Fouling Coating special care is taken to remove only the outer layer that has lost its Anti-Fouling properties and thus maintain the integrity of the lower layers of coatings.

In a field as critical as underwater services, you have to be able to trust your equipment as much as you trust your personnel. We have absolute confidence in both.

Ship husbandry services but are not limited to:

  • Hull Cleaning
  • Propeller Polishing
  • Pintle Bearing Readings
  • Tail Shaft Wear Down Readings
  • Interior Equipment Change-Out Assistance

Often times, commercial ships have interior equipment that have been compromised and need to be exchanged. Our Dive teams will assist technicians with the blanking and waterproofing of intakes or weep holes in order to make repairs or replacements of damaged or defective equipment. 

Equipment swaps include, but are not limited to:

  • ADCP Transducers
  • Echo Sounding Transducers
  • Water Valves


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