Bridge & Dock Inspections

  • Damaged piles under piers, docks and bridges can mean disaster for city, state and industrial structures or personnel. Replacing damaged and deteriorated piles is costly and time consuming, thus G&G Marine employs exceptionally trained and experienced Dive personnel to make repairs that require no time loss of facility usage. 
  • Pile Encapsulation can range from - structural repairs including rebar cages for added support, fiberglass encasements for reduced weight adage, and high-pressure underwater grout for ensured integrity of repairs – all the way to simple High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wraps to protect piles from water and oxidation damage. 
  • All encapsulation parts and equipment can be specifically fabricated to fit H-piles, I-Beams, round or square and steel or wood.

Pile Encapsulation Krotz Springs
Pile Encap

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